Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who Are We Protesting Today?

No surprise here at what happens when the spoiled college kid crowd meets up with some overzealous martial-law types... nothing to be proud of on any side.

So, who the hell is the G-20 anyway? Here's are the members alphabetically with the first letter revealed--drag over with your mouse to see the answers:

1. Argentina
2. Austrailia
3. Brazil
4. Canada
5. China
6. European Union
7. France
8. Germany
9. India
10. Indonesia
11. Italy
12. Japan
13. Mexico
14. Russia
15. Saudi Arabia
16. South Africa
17. South Korea
18. Turkey
19. United Kingdom
20. United States of America


$9,000,000,000 Write Off said...

Is #6 "European Union" double dipping? If that's kosher, shouldn't California ahve a seat too?

Sauid Arabia isn't really an economic entity, its just a non-consensual tribal system sitting on top of a lot of oil.

flyE said...

I know... no Sweden, no Netherlands, no Poland, but Saudi Arabia? South Africa? Even Denmark's economy is bigger than South Africa's.

On another note, I'm too lazy to edit the post to include a protest video of a guy in a Penguins jersey hoisting a replica Stanley Cup in the middle of a bunch of mG20 protestors. That - is - awesome.